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Over 78% of business leaders rate employee engagement as “urgent” and/or “important”. Staff engagement is becoming one of the biggest competitive differentiators in businesses.

However, it’s essential to redefine engagement beyond an “annual HR measure” to a continuous, holistic part of business strategy. If your people love their work and the environment you have created, they will treat customers better, innovate, and continuously improve your business.

We focus on people as the product. High-engagement companies understand that employees are the essence of products and services. They develop, deliver, and support what customers experience every day.

Let us help you develop employee engagement strategies to attract, inspire and develop your staff. We focus on developing strategies that target the main elements that drive engagement: meaningful work, good management, growth opportunities, fun and flexible work environment and trusted leadership.


Successful adaptation to change is crucial within an organisation. The key to successful change management is the user perspective. By approaching change management with a focus on the user and the user experience, we are able to create change management techniques that help drive successful change in the organisation.

Prosci’s ADKAR model of change management, frames the five key building blocks of successful change that can help develop strategies customised to your organisational culture and context.

Let us use our experience with the ADKAR model to partner with you in developing and implementing your change management strategy.

Awareness of the need to change
Desire to participate and support the change
Knowledge on how to change
Ability to implement required skilles and behaviors
Reinforcement to sustain the change


In our coaching programme, we look at the drivers of human behaviour and the hidden dynamics of organisations. The programme enables you to understand yourself and others at a more in-depth level. It also prepares you to assume significant roles in individual and organisational development, change management and leading organisations.

The insights and clarity gained from the programme will greatly increase your ability to manage people-related issues that affect business performance. By understanding how to create a fit between people, the organisation and the corporate goals, you can make a significant contribution to developing any business. In the process, you will transform yourself into a powerful agent of change.

Internal Communications

Never leave internal communications to chance! Internal communications is key to engaging your staff and the right messaging can inspire and unite an organisation.

Corporate communications is more than just promoting events and information, it’s also about motivating and engaging employees. Cultivate a work environment that values trust, and builds confidence across teams and business functions.

We believe that employees are the most important audience for any company, because they’re the ones charged with delivering the brand promise to customers. You can spend a lot on advertising to build consumer awareness, but the customer experience still comes down to your staff who interact with the customers.

To educate and engage your people, we develop communication channels ranging from employee intranets to iPhone apps, from internal magazines to culture books, from online games to on-site events. More importantly, we look at your organisational culture and people, to find the best fit and type of internal communications tools and approaches to use.