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At the heart of every team are dynamic leaders who inspire, direct, enable, and empower individuals to do more with less and achieve the team objectives. Effective leadership brings together diverse people, helps them find common purpose and focusses their work towards achieving the team’s goals.

This leadership training is an opportunity to invest in your success as a leader. Through the training, understand your individual leadership style and develop a plan to expand your comfort zone. Strengthen your team-building and influencing skills and learn how to use your authority constructively. Learn how to be an agent of change within your team and facilitate an increase in positive results from team initiatives.


Communication is much more than just the words. It’s about connections and how you form those connections with the people around you.

We assume that as long as we speak well, we can communicate well. However, there are a lot more factors at play than just what comes out of your mouth. How you move, how you say the words and how you make people feel, are all key contributors to effective communication.

It’s not just the what, but it’s also the how that impacts communication. This programme takes you through key practical communication tips that show you how to communicate more effectively and persuasively.

Customer Service

In the current economic environment, besides the base line of providing the requisite product or service, businesses that also provide an experience to customers are consistently the ones that top the game. Key to this experience is the level of service quality we are able to provide to our customers.

95% of consumers are more likely to share bad service experiences than good ones. And on top of that, with social media, sharing news is far easier and further reaching than ever before. Now more than ever, companies can’t afford to have poor customer service.

Good service isn’t just an action. It’s a mindset. This programme helps to develop that positive, proactive mindset as well as the essential service skills needed to ensure the customer has an excellent experience.


There’s a well-known adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression. From personal relationships to business meetings, we’re taught that people form opinions of us within a few moments, and that we should be ready to show our best at all times.

This grooming programme looks at the individual holistically. Besides covering all physical elements from top to toe including hair, face shape, body shape, clothing, colour and many more, this programme goes beyond just how you look. It’s also about how you carry yourself and the way you present yourself to others.

Public Speaking

Effective public speaking is learned – it is not innate – and anyone can be a strong presenter regardless of their communication style. The best speaking advice is to “know who you are, and what your strengths and weaknesses are”.

It’s important to integrate natural aspects of your personality into how you speak. That’s the great thing about speaking and presenting – there’s no inherent “right way” to do it. You can be charismatic, motivational, educational, entertaining, informative, low-key – you name it – whatever works best for your personality.

Here, we take you through key techniques and principles to help wow and engage your audience. From soft skills such as understanding your audience, crafting your speech more effectively to technical skills such as diction, tone, pace and clarity, we bring you through a comprehensive training on how to improve your public speaking which will change the way you carry yourself.


For this programme, we leverage the best practices of two intersecting movements: Character Education and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). These skills are fundamental to student achievement – academically and socially, inside and outside of school.

Students don’t go to school just to accumulate isolated bits of knowledge, a well-rounded education is really also about character development. Character building can be done proactively through planned actions and activities within the classroom.

These activities will encourage students to develop and adopt quality ethical principles and behaviours that can last far beyond school.

Through this values-in-action programme, we take students through character values using stories and experiential activities to fully immerse them in these values. Students will be able to fully understand and embrace the true meaning of these values.


Many of today's top companies succeed by making innovation a habit. Apple, Amazon, Facebook and other industry leaders continue to build breakthrough strategies that reshape markets, deliver greater value at a lower cost, redefine channels, and force competitors to scramble.

Through this programme, participants will be taken through frameworks that top companies use to build innovation into their business approach. Through real-world examples, you’ll learn how to develop creative strategies and strengthen your capacity to drive innovation within your company. Individual and group exercises provide hands-on opportunities to apply new approaches to challenges within your organisation.

Team Building

Why is teamwork important? Teamwork doesn’t mean that everybody is doing the same thing or everybody is able to do one anothers’ jobs. It’s more a means to working synergistically, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Properly managed, teamwork maximises strengths, bringing out the best in each team.

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results. Given its importance, how do we build effective teamwork? We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

Through this team building programme, we create opportunities for team members to find out more about one another and to build an atmosphere of trust and respect within the team through fun and engaging activities.